Thomas de Greeve

Degree: Bachelor's and Master's degree in History
Graduated in 2017
Job title: KYC (Know Your Client) analyst at Knab

Thomas' advice:

'Talk to a lot of people before you start looking for a job. That's more effective than just reading vacancies. Ask what they do and how they feel about it. You can also go to a recruiter. This helps to find out what you like to do and what sort of job suits you.'

Thomas de Greeve
'My expectations have been fulfilled'

Whilst studying history Thomas de Greeve learned to familiarize himself with subjects quickly. He now uses this skill all the time at his job as a KYC analyst at Knab, where he traces criminal money.

'I chose to study history because I thought it was interesting. It was my favourite subject in school. My expectations have been fulfilled. It was an interesting and fun study programme, especially because you have to explore new topics very often. At first I wanted to be a researcher but I changed my mind later on. My experience in committees and as a board member of the tennis association Qravel made me realise that I love to work with people, and that I wanted this dynamic in my job as well.

I was working for a start-up company in solar panels for a couple of years and then I got a job at Knab via a recruitment agency. After such a hands-on job I wanted something that was more analytical, which I liked so much during my studies. My current job is definitely analytical. When you investigate transactions you need to really familiarize yourself with the subject matter, just like in my studies. Every case is different and you always have to start from scratch. I search for irregularities and connections, almost like a detective. My team consists especially of young people, many of which are historians as well. I enjoy working in my team a lot.'