The story of...
Minke Lok, Carl Mattern en Yoanna Daskalova

Three alumni from the Faculty of Humanities and their employers tell their stories: ‘Find the biggest challenges the world has to offer – they hold all kinds of possibilities for ambitious people.’

Minke Lok

After graduating in Chinastudies (BA) and Asian Studies (MA) she is now a programmer at AviaVox, where she programmes the announcements for the world’s biggest airports.

Carl Mattern

After graduating in History (BA) and History (MA), Carl continued to pursue his thesis topic by becoming a Cyber Security expert at Deloitte. ‘History teaches you to look into what motivates people, why they do the things they do. That’s also a real asset in Cyber Security,’ says his employer Inge Bryan at Deloitte.

Yoanna Daskalova

After graduating in International Studies (BA) and International Relations (MA) alumna Yoanna Daskalova is now the Communication Manager for several different European medical projects at Lygature.

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