Jaino Mohammedamin

Degree: Bachelor's in History, Master's in Theology and Religious Studies
Graduated in 2018
Job title: Project manager and advisor undermining, Tactical Centre for Enforcement at the municipality of Rotterdam.

Jaino’s advice:

'Do an internship during your studies and go to career events. Speak to people and let them know you're there. It's good to have contacts when you want to find a job quickly after you've graduated.'

Jaino Mohammedamin and his manager Ildi Sepsanie
'Searching for the truth'

Don't consider things to be black-and-white, but look for the grey area to get to the core of the issue. Jaino Mohammedamin learned this during his studies and now applies it to his job at the municipality of Rotterdam.

'I find it important to do the things that make me happy. That's also how I chose my study programme. I wanted to be challenged intellectually and to find out why people do what they do. I have a Christian mother and an Islamic father. Nothing interests me more than to learn about religious movements and the motives behind them. I have always been confident that I would find a job.

Building bridges
I started my career as a project manager for undermining at the municipality of Rotterdam after I had applied for a traineeship. Undermining is a broad concept that deals with all kinds of criminal acts that blur the lines between legitimate society, including public administration, and the underworld of organized crime.

It's been very useful that during my studies I've learned to establish a context, learned about norms and values of different cultures and the importance of building bridges. Also in terms of undermining the situation is never black-and-white. I keep asking questions and investigate the grey area until I find the truth.'

Ildi Sepsanie

Degree: MSc in Urban Geography at Utrecht University
Job title: Manager Tactical Centre for Enforcement

What does Jaino's manager think?

"For the policy aspect of the work we do I'm looking for people with a broad interest and a sense for politico-administrative relations and safety. When I came across Jaino's profile I was immediately interested. He stood out and attracted attention because of his study background, which I like. I don't want people who are all similar. He also has great affinity with the security domain, given his minor in security policy.

His way of thinking and considering matters shows that he has an academic background. He is open minded and always willing to go that extra mile. At the same time he is very authentic, which can't really be linked to any study programme. He approaches things in his own way and does so independently. He is driven and young. It's great to have him as part of my team!"