Anne Wielenga

Degree: Bachelor's in Linguistics, Master's in Journalism and New Media
Internship: Editor at Kidsweek/7Days
Job title: Communications officer at BarentsKrans
Graduated in 2017

Anne’s advice:

'Let your network, friends and family know that you're looking for a job. Actively ask them for suggestions and ideas. And stay positive. Something good will always come your way.'

Anne Wielenga
'I want to tell stories'

During her studies and internship, Anne Wielenga acquired knowledge and skills that are very useful for her current job as a communications officer at BarentsKrants. From taking a critical look at texts and improving her writing and interview skills, to contributing to an editorial team.

'I've always wanted to do something with language. When I was a kid I used to make my own newspaper. Therefore a master's in Journalism was the perfect choice for me, but I did have some doubts in the beginning. I thought that perhaps you had to be very extraverted. Luckily I trusted my own feeling. I'm interested in people and I want to tell stories.

During my studies and internship at Kidsweek - a weekly paper for kids - I was given many opportunities to tell stories. I liked the practical side of the master's programme a lot. Next to writing and conducting interviews, I also learned how to make videos and photo reports, how to publish items and I worked on a cross-media portfolio. I still make grateful use of that knowledge today. I would like to make a podcast at BarentsKrans for example. My degree and internship laid the foundation of my career. It provides many possibilities!'