Alba Medina Bermejo

Degree: Bachelor's in International Studies
Internship: Arusha Women Legal Aid and Human Rights Organization in Tanzania
Job title: Staff member at the Policy, Governance and Liaison Unit of the International Organization for Migration in Cairo. 

Alba’s advice:

‘When you do an internship make sure to make the most of it. Visit affiliate organizations, talk to a lot of people and explore the city.’

Alba Medina Bermejo
'My internship helped me take my next step'

As an intern Alba Medina Bermejo worked for organizations dedicated to human rights in East Africa. These experiences made the transition to her current job in Egypt a lot easier.

'I really wanted to do an internship with an organization that focuses on human rights in East Africa because I wanted to experience what it's like to work in this field first-hand. I did an internship in Arusha, Tanzania at an organization that provides legal aid to women and children in terms of human rights. Subsequently I was an intern at the Centre for Women, Children and Youth Development for two months. I participated in initiatives that focused on the development and empowerment of women and youth, with an emphasis on education, sexual health and economic independence.

New work dynamic
I learned more about the culture, language, human rights, legal system and political situation, and it made me understand what it's really like to work abroad. This helped me take my next step. I went to Egypt to work for the International Organization for Migration (IOM).

My department, Policy, Governance and Liaison, organizes events and takes care of the communication. We focus on topics from job mobility to community cohesion in expat groups. We work closely with the Egyptian government and we are constantly in contact with ministries. At the moment we are trying to raise funds for the Covid-19 response for Egyptians and migrants, because they are in vulnerable positions. They don't have housing or can't apply for asylum.

I didn't really have to get used to the work dynamic at my new job thanks to my previous internship experience abroad. Moreover, thanks to that previous experience, it wasn't the first time I couldn't speak the language of the country I was in fluently. All of this made the introduction much easier!'