Going international

Many international students study at Leiden's Faculty of Humanities. Their job prospects differ slightly from Dutch alumni. It takes them a bit longer to find a job. Regardless, 58% find a job within two months and almost at the same level as Dutch alumni (70%).

International alumni are more likely to find a job in the non-profit sector and to have a permanent contract than Dutch alumni. On average they earn the same. They say they stand out especially because of their intercultural skills and ability to form an opinion.

Studying abroad

Getting to know a new culture and developing yourself. For many students studying abroad is a great adventure. 33% went abroad during their bachelor's degree. For master's alumni this is 39%, of which 14% did an internship and 34% studied abroad or did (thesis)research.

The alumni who went abroad were mostly students in area studies1 (59%), followed by students in International Studies/Relations (46%) and History (39%). The international experience doesn't seem to have any effect on the level of alumni's first and current job, nor on how satisfied they are with the development of their career so far. It also shows no significant link to how fast master's alumni are able to find a job. 

Working abroad

11% of the Dutch alumni packed their bags to go work abroad after graduating (6% work in Europe, 3% in Asia, 1% in North America and 1% in South America). Whereas 28% of the international alumni stay to work in the Netherlands. Alumni often have jobs in which they are in contact with international business relations (45%).


1 This high percentage could be linked to the mandatory study abroad for the BA African Languages and Cultures, BA Chinese Studies, BA Japanese Studies, BA Korean Studies, BA Latin American Studies (2 tracks), BA Middle Eastern Studies (5 tracks), BA Russian Studies, and the BA South and Southeast Asian Studies

Studying abroad and corona

It's difficult to study abroad at the moment due to corona. Students aren't allowed to travel abroad for study-related activities until at least the 1st of February 2021. We presume that it will be possible to study abroad again in the future. We advise you to check the general information and keep in contact with the coordinator of studies of your study programme.