At work

You've graduated! So where do you end up working? Most of the bachelor's alumni don't enter the labour market yet. 68% enrol in a master's programme first. When you've completed your master's degree, chances are that you will find work at the government or in the semi-public sector, education, research or marketing and communication. 41% of the master alumni work in the profit sector, 55% in the non-profit sector and 4% have their own company or work as a freelancer.

The numbers differ for bachelor's alumni: 72% work in the profit sector, 21% in the non-profit sector. Also 4% of the bachelor's alumni have their own company or are self-employed.

Income security

For more than half the alumni (59%) their first job was the job they were looking for. If not, then income security was the most important reason to take the job anyway. Alumni who started a job below their desired entry level, often experienced interesting and challenging tasks in this position.

On average master’s alumni have 23 months of work experience in their current job